Latin noun [doo-al-i-taas]

An instance of opposition between two things or ideas.

Dualitas Elixir

We expand on the traditional notion of fashion jewelry by juxtaposing elements of different natures. We combine practical function with beautiful form using the most natural, high-quality materials.

Dualitas Cuff Detail

Our jewelry is a testament to the rich cultural and curative heritage of craftsmanship and gemstones.

Each piece reflects beauty, functionality and purpose.

San Francisco Jaipur, India

Our collections are conceptualized and designed in San Francisco Bay Area and handcrafted in the jewelry capital of the world - Jaipur India.

Elixir Product Sketch Dualitas Factory

Dualitas Sketches

We come from different corners of the world bringing our cultural sensibilities, individual expertise and common love for design and fashion to offer you beautiful, functional and meaningful adornment.

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