Amethyst Silver Earrings


Our Wildflower Violet earrings are designed with small clusters of natural Amethyst beads connected to a beautiful silver chain for a fresh and carefree look.

  • Metal: 925 sterling silver, nickel and lead free
  • Finishing:  Polished silver
  • Chain Size: Longest strand 2.5"
  • Properties: Balance, comfort, prosperity
  • Conditions: Addiction, tension, blood circulation, hysteria, insomnia, migraines, respiratory, sexual stamina, stress
  • Chakras: Crown and third eye - for wisdom and serenity
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Violet - Amethyst Silver Earrings


The collection is designed with small clusters of gem-beads touching the skin.

Reap the benefits of natural gemstones.


Violet - Amethyst Silver Earrings