Transcend Zen

Our Dualitas Transcend collection highlights the beautiful Rutilated Quartz set to spin within the bezel to calm and center.

Considered an energizing stone, Rutilated Quartz is often used in meditative practices to help focus mentally and physically. 

“The spinning of the stone is a discrete way to diffuse tension and calm oneself; it is reminiscent of Buddhist prayer wheels,” says Bopanna Ulliyada, Dualitas’ Designer & Creative Director. “I wanted to leverage the tactile interaction into a playful yet stylish execution in rings and pendants.”

The Transcend Zen campaign was shot by San Francisco based fashion photographer Nima Salimi at the LeftSpace Studios in the heart of the Mission District. 

The campaign captures the essence of the new collection, taking strong cues from Japanese Zen design principles: Asymmetry, Minimalism, Naturalness, Subtlety and Tranquility.

 Model Sydny Furuichi is the face of the campaign; she transcends Zen in her own right, from her Japanese heritage to her form, focus and gentle grit as a fashion model.

Planning and executing a fashion shoot is undoubtedly a strenuous endeavor. It takes an army of strategic, creative and dedicated soldiers to bring the story to life and highlight the product in all of its glory - from the brand team to the product designer, photographer and crew, stylist, makeup and hair artists, and of course the model. 

When the picture is perfect; it tells a thousand words ... and more. It makes us dream.

The Transcend Zen campaign officially launches today. You can find our Dualitas Transcend pendant collection exclusively in our online boutique.

Check out our Dualitas #Transcend Zen Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration on all things Japanese Zen. 

 A special thank you to Nima Salimi, Jillian Lieber, Janice Daoud and team, Star Burleigh, Chad Narvasa and Sydny Furuichi