The Splendor of Art Deco

Art Deco emerged in France in the 1920s and remains one of the most distinguished design styles today.

The Art Deco movement celebrated a world of luxury and technological advancements, employing at the time modern materials like steel and aluminum.

The lavish design style can be found in architecture, interior design, furniture, poster art, fashion and jewelry. Art Deco combines elegant, clean and precise symmetrical lines. It uses rich colors, elaborate ornamentation, bold geometrical shapes, and expensive materials including jade, ivory, lacquer, marble or ebony.

The Chrysler building in New York City embodies the glory of Art Deco architecture and the ascension of the American automobile industry. Built in the late 1920s, the highly detailed skyscraper includes Chrysler’s famous radiator caps, terrace crowns and steel eagle gargoyles.

The ostentatious style lost its appeal during World War II but regained popularity in the 1960's with the rise of pop culture. 

Our Elixir Vigor Deco pendant  with Black Onyx and rose gold plating is Art Deco inspired. Its symmetrical curves made of sterling silver captures and exposes both sides of the stone. 

Our Elixir collection is designed with natural gemstones set in direct contact with the skin.


1). Jean Dupas "La Vigne et le Vin" - 1930s / Bugatti type 40 - 1927 / Georges Barbier “La Belle Helene” - 1922

2). NYC Chrysler Building - 1930

3). Cleveland Lorain-Carnegie Bridge - 1932 / Mercury 8 Art Deco Poster - 1940

Primary source: Wikipedia