The Practical Taurus

Introducing the inspiration behind the Les Etoiles Taurus campaign.

Romantic . Sensual . Reliable 

Our Les Etoiles Earth campaign was inspired by the romantic, sensual and reliable nature of the Taurus star sign.

Those born under Taurus love the good things in life. They enjoy beauty; they are very loyal and will always be there for their peers.

Their symbol is the Bull and their style is natural and well-tailored. Their colors are green, brown and orange.

Their element is earth and their flower the poppy, a sign of success and beauty.

Famous Taurus Style Icons

Cate Blanchett, Gigi Hadid, Christina Hendricks, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba, Uma Thurman, Sofia Coppola

Our Les Etoiles Taurus necklace features brilliant White Topaz set in the position of the Aquarius stars. The collection is made of 925 sterling silver and plated with gunmetal or 18K rose gold.

We wish all of our whimsical Aquarius friends a happy birthday!