The Mysterious Scorpio

Introducing the inspiration behind Les Etoiles Scorpio.

Creativity . Determination . Secrecy

As we began to plan our Les Etoiles Water campaign, we sought out to capture the personality traits, symbols and colors associated with the complex Scorpio sign.

Those born under Scorpios are easily misunderstood as they can come across as being assertive, ambitious and calculated, almost cold or aloof at times.

Deep down, they are extremely emotional, sensual and dependable creatures; they deeply fear betrayal and will maintain their distance until they gain complete trust.

Because of this duality in character, others perceive them as mysterious and charismatic. They tend to be noticed as soon as they walk into a room as they naturally project an aura of confidence and secrecy.

Their symbol is the scorpion and their style is deadly and seductive. They are strong and feminine, and will dress accordingly. Their colors are black, dark reds and aquamarine.

Their birthstone is the Topaz, known for its calming effects. Their element is water and their flower the Chrysanthemum, a symbol of honesty.

Famous Scorpio Style Icons

Winona Ryder, Chloe Sevigny, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Demi Moore

Our Les Etoiles Scorpio necklaces feature brilliant White Topaz set in the position of the stars. The collection is made of 925 sterling silver and plated with gunmetal or 18K rose gold.

We wish all of our mysterious Scorpio friends a happy birthday!