Midnight Black

Discover the significance of our black and sparkly gems from our Midnight Black collection.

 Elegant, glamorous, rock’n’roll, black is for all occasions!  


The opaque stone is a very common mineral, rich in symbolism. Hematite ranges from brownish red to black gray and has been associated with blood since its origin. The Egyptians applied the stones on battle wounds to stop hemorrhages.

It is widely used in Chinese Feng Shui for its calming effect and grounding properties.

Our Dualitas SuperNatural collection captures the deep dark gray Hematite in its most natural form for a remarkably beautiful look. Hematite helps with self-esteem and provides focus and clarity. It is thought to help with timidity and insomnia.

 Black Onyx

The black quartz ranges from deep black to red and white. Onyx derives from ancient Greek meaning “fingernail”.

Early oral tales recount the story of Cupid, the god of Desire, delicately painting his mother Aphrodite’s toe nails while basking in the gentle sun on the bank of the Sacred River. Magically, her beautifully polished black nails fell in the bottom of the river metamorphosing into the Black Onyx.

Persian Antiquity believed that the Black Onyx helped protect against the evil eye and facilitated a smooth childbirth.

Our Dualitas Elixir collection  features the deep Black Onyx set to touch your skin. The stone is generally associated with the body and is believed to heal bone, feet, teeth and soft tissues.

 White Topaz

The brilliant White Topaz is generally colorless. Named after an island in the Red Sea, the stone is linked to the sun for naturally radiating heat and for its energizing quality.

Our Dualitas Les Etoiles collection  features brilliant White Topaz set in the astrological positions of the Zodiac stars. The stone is believed to help with tension, eating disorder and constipation. It also represents friendship and peace. 

 Rutilated Quartz

The stone is particularly beautiful due to its golden or black rutile inclusions once considered imperfections. Rutilated Quartz continues to be used in meditation practices for its calming and centering effects.

Our Dualitas Transcend collection  collection is designed with natural Rutilated Quartz set to spin freely within the bezel. The stone is believed to help with trauma, blood pressure and melancholia.

Primary Source: The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals by Florence Mégemont