Introducing the Red Onyx

Red is the color of passion, action and determination.

The Red Onyx ranges from yellowish-red to brownish-red and can be found in India, South America and Western Europe.


The Greek word “onyx” means claws or fingernails. The oral tale recounts the story of the Gods Cupid and Venus. Cupid was cutting his mother's nails when one accidentally fell into the sacred river transforming into the Onyx.

Therapeutic Use

The Red Onyx unlike the Black Onyx has a more peaceful energy. It encourages friendship and helps with concentration.

Properties: Fate, energy and vision

Conditions: Bone and ear ache, feet and teeth, soft tissues

Colors & Style

The Red Onyx goes perfectly with green, its complementary color. The combination creates a vibrant and sophisticated contrast.

Orange, red and purple have similar hues and form an harmonious combination when paired together.

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