The Versatile Hematite

One of the most compelling facets of gemstones is their rich cultural heritage and folklore.


The opaque Hematite is a very common iron oxide mineral and was once sourced all over the world. Today, it is primarily mined in a dozen locations from Canada to China.

The stone remains rich in symbolism and is used in many ways depending on the culture.

Feng Shui

Hematite is widely used in Chinese Feng Shui, along with green Jade and yellow Citrine.

The Black Turtle, one of the five animals in Feng Shui, is typically carved in Hematite and placed in the north corner of a home, yard or office.

Fashion & Style

Hematite became very popular during the Victorian Era in 18th and 19th century Europe. The stone was primarily used in mourning jewelry - camoes brooches, pendants and Intaglio rings.

Our Dualitas SuperNatural collection captures the silver gray Hematite in its most natural form for an unusually beautiful look. 

The contrast between the rough stone and the polished silver wrap band makes our Dualitas SuperNatural wrap rings versatile accessories. They look great with a little black dress or on a nature stroll. 

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