Gray Moonstone or Intuition

The Moonstone is forever associated with the moon and reflects your inner journey.

Origins & Mythology

Moonstone traces back to ancient times and was highly praised by the Romans and always sacred in India.

The stone comes in gentle shades of peach, blue, gray, prismatic or rainbow. They share similar properties yet they also have their specific focus.

Gray Moonstone is also named the “New Moon Stone” and is thought to have a gentle energy much like a new moon.

Therapeutic Use

Properties: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Perception

Benefits: Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Blockage, Nightmare, Pregnancy, Stress

Colors & Style

Gray Moonstone with rose gold goes great with neutrals, light pink and brown.

Pair it with neutrals, light gray, cream, denim blue for a soft and elegant look.

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