Find Your Elixir Pendant

Introducing our new Dualitas Elixir Pendants: The Drop and Droplet, Arrow and Deco.
Our pendants come in our most popular gems and have distinct looks to meet your personal style.

Our Elixir Wisdom Drop and Droplet pendants with Lapis Lazuli showcase the raw beauty of the natural gemstone. The pendants are designed with two sturdy silver prongs holding the stone in place while exposing both sides of it.

Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone of a deep celestial blue with white and golden yellow flakes. Egyptian sarcophagus, sculptures and jewelry were richly inlaid with it. The legend goes that the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky had long hair made of Lapis.

Lapis Lazuli is thought to bring wisdom, harmony and understanding, and to help with a weak immune system and blood pressure.

Our Elixir Vigor Deco pendant  with Black Onyx is a more elaborate piece inspired by the Art Deco movement. The design style emerged in France and became very popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It features geometrical shapes with clean and curving lines. It celebrates nature and progress, beauty and functionality.

Black Onyx is as dark as a moonless night. The legend goes that Aphrodite’s beautiful nails once fell into the sacred river transforming into the gemstone. 

Black Onyx is thought to bring vigor, protection and confidence, and to help with weak bones and soft tissues.

Our Elixir Compassion Arrow pendant with Rose Quartz reveals a sexy and feminine side of the collection. The Dualitas insignia was placed at the tip of the chain to bring attention to the neck line while remaining abstract, discrete and elegant.

Rose Quartz has been a token of love for centuries. The gem is considered the stone of heart for attracting new love or heightening a romantic bond.

Rose Quartz is thought to bring love, compassion and sensuality, and to help with depression and high blood pressure.