The Protective Aquamarine

Aquamarine evokes the endless ocean reflecting the heavenly sky.

Etymology & Mythology

Aquamarine derives from the Latin word “aqua marinus” meaning water of the sea, and ranges from pale blue to turquoise.

in medieval times, European sailors would wear the gemstone at sea to protect them during their perilous trips.

Prophets and healers believed in its deep connection to the moon and would use Aquamarine to foresee upcoming events as the full moon drew closer.

Therapeutic Use

Properties: Protection, Conviction, Lucidity

Benefits: Allergies, Anger, Focus, Eye Ache, Nervousness, Skin Rashes, Shingles, Travel Sickness, Tooth Ache

Colors & Style

Aquamarine goes well with its complementary color orange, for a warm and vibrant contrast.

Purple and Aquamarine share similar tones and make a great match!

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