The Avant Guardists of Paris FW16

Like a fearless Alice, we faithfully jumped into a rabbit hole to enter a Parisian wonderland filled with intricate patterns, textured fabrics and fluid shapes.

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We had the privilege of being invited to these shows and we certainly did not know what to expect when we came into the artistic universe of these three distinct avant-gardists:

Pascal Millet

The French designer reintroduced his monochrome silhouettes, bringing them to life with an amalgam of eclectic fabrics including elaborated feather ornaments, oversized polka dots, PVC skirts, large flower prints and strong blotches of black sequin.

Dorhout Mees

The Dutch designer created a fashion universe from another world. Her models “who fell to the earth” bared an uncanny resemblance to 70’s sci-fi creatures wearing black lenses and soft architectural shapes. Patterns and structured lines transformed these gentle and feminine silhouettes into outer-space muses.

Veronique Branquinho

The Belgian designer knew winter was coming and introduced a predominantly black and white collection. Her oversized hooded capes, long black sequin gowns and wide pleated collars reminded us of clergymen and harlequins from the Renaissance period.

A world both bright and dark, where supple textiles undulated with the cool winter air and radical patches of red and black screamed for rebellion.