La Vie en Rose at Paris FW16

Un petit bonjour de Paris! We are thrilled to premiere our Dualitas collections at Tranoï Femme during Paris FW16, located in the beautiful Palais de La Bourse nested in the heart of the City of Lights.


Tranoï means “between us” in Italian and curates avant-garde and progressive designers as well as contemporary and leading fashion brands from around the world.

Aware of the new demands of an industry affected by technological, socioeconomic and lifestyle changes, Tranoï gives designers and brands an opportunity to present their collections four times a year instead of the traditional two.

For the occasion, Dualitas is showcasing some of our core collections and will give a sneak preview of the highly anticipated Les Etoiles collection - 12 constellation star sign necklaces. 

We cannot mention Paris without talking about la Vie en Rose. The phrase was originally coined by the popular French singer Edith Piaf who was known for her powerful and heart-rending voice. Her song, La Vie en Rose, speaks of seeing the bright side of life once you’ve fallen in love.

The French perceived its concept as state of mind and a way of life; it is often associated with La Bohème, an artistic and literary movement, which disregarded conventional standards of behavior and thinking.