Sunday Stories: Erick & Adriana

Cupid, the Child God of Desire and Love, would unexpectedly shoot golden arrows to the human hearts, igniting strong feelings of passion and desire in those who were struck. So began all of the great love stories of ancient civilization.

Erick and Adriana both from Latin backgrounds grew up in Colorado. They met working at a restaurant and quickly became friends sharing an appreciation for good food, gypsy and rock music and the beautiful great outdoors.

Soon thereafter, Erick made the difficult decision to move away to finish university. The day before leaving for college, they each declared their affection for one another and made the promise to be together despite the distance.

For the next two years, they spoke on the phone every Wednesday and every other week, they would drive the distance to spend time together and go hiking in each other’s company.

They have now been together a little over five years. Where most would fail, the distance made their hearts grow fonder and their relationship stronger.

Early this year, Erick who knew how traditional her parents are, went ahead and asked for their permission before proposing to Adriana on Valentine’s Day weekend.

That weekend, they enjoyed a romantic dinner out. They had massages scheduled the following day before heading home to a low-key evening to watch some TV and hang out together as they always do. Once home, Erick attempted to get down on his knee when Adriana took a seat. Timing being what it is, Erick proposed honestly and spontaneously with all of his heart to Adriana’s surprise and excitement.

He knew he had found the perfect girl; he now needed the perfect ring. He also knew that she didn’t want a traditional diamond. They wanted a ring that had a deeper meaning. They saw Dualitas Rose Quartz Elixir ring and knew it was the one, unique looking and with a gem that symbolized compassion, love and sensuality.

Scheduled to marry at the end of September, they are currently planning the last details of their Boho Chic wedding. They are thinking pink peonies and burgundy roses; they are also looking at having the bridesmaids wear rose quartz to match the ring.

Best wishes and congratulations to Erick and Adriana!