SuperNatural Gems

The raw beauty of Hematite and Amethyst evokes the ancient bedrock beneath us. These gemstones were discovered in some of the most beautiful and obscure corners of the world.

Our Dualitas SuperNatural collection captures the natural beauty of rough Hematite and Amethyst. Each piece respects the gems’ unique shapes and sizes for a natural yet striking appearance.


Amethyst is a purple semi-precious stone.

The gemstone is found within volcanic rocks and is sourced primarily in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, North America, Siberia, India and Zambia.

Amethyst is thought to help with addiction, stress and respiratory conditions.


Hematite means “blood stone” in Greek and ranges from reddish brown, silver to black. The mineral is found in banded iron formations, volcanic soil, still water beds and hot springs like Yellowstone National Park.

Hematite is primarily sourced in the USA, Ukraine, China, Australia, Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

Space scientists have also discovered traces of Hematite on Mars reaffirming the existence of water on the red planet. 

Hematite is thought to help with timidity, insomnia and the nervous system.

Some answers are simply in nature.