SheHeroes: The Next Generation of Leaders

Dualitas had the wonderful opportunity to attend the SheHeroes Bay Area event and discuss with our peers how to continue educating and empowering 8 to 14 year-old girls to pursue their dreams and consider non-traditional careers.

The organization utilizes online content, pod casts and streaming videos to tell the stories of accomplished women from all walks of life who’ve done exceptional work in politics, activism, the arts, science, sports and technology.

Most of these girls have the preconceived idea that only men are CEOs. After watching these testimonials, they felt that it was a role for both men and women. Day-to-day life and the media in particular tend to depict women as one dimensional, often a romantic conquest, a stay-at-home mom, or a princess in dire need of a prince.

Needless to say, these options remain limited and hardly represent women’s wide range of skills, and their intellectual and physical capabilities. Also a lack of positive role models in our society can dramatically impact self-esteem and health. Some of the women featured in these modules date back to the civil war reaffirming that gender boundaries can and should always be challenged.

Today’s technology plays an important role in the proliferation of information and in helping educate young girls from all social classes who wouldn’t have access to these testimonials otherwise. The sooner they are exposed to their endless possibilities, the better equipped they will be to pursue their dreams and succeed.

From this experience, we’ve come to admire these incredible women who are making it a civic duty to educate young girls to become tomorrow’s leaders.