Sunday Stories: Kate & Garrett

Love stories remain timeless. They are made of dreams, chance, and chemistry. They are unique to each individual and yet they convey the universal desire to give, receive and share with the other.

Kate and Garrett met through her cousin. They quickly hit it off and shortly thereafter, Garrett took Kate to the Milwaukee Art Museum for their first date where she claims rambling on about all of her favorite art pieces.

That evening, they went to his parents’ house for a dinner party. Meeting the family on a first date is without a doubt bold, intimidating and sexy.

Kate and Garrett have now been together for almost six years.

Every couple of years, on their anniversary, the couple goes back to the art museum to check out new exhibits. The low-key pair enjoys "nerdy stuff" as well as rock 'n' roll and will find themselves binging on Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Marvel. Occasionally, they'll go to concerts to satisfy their thirst for music.

For Garrett's first birthday as a couple, Kate invited him to see A Perfect Circle and Muse, deepening their bond. In return, he took her to see her favorite band, The Pretty Reckless, playing in Chicago. They had talked about marriage quite a bit over the years, and had looked at several engagement rings. Yet nothing they saw spoke to them.

Kate didn't want the conventional diamond. Instead, she was day dreaming about a unique piece, simple enough for everyday wear. When she came across our Dualitas Elixir Compassion ring, she knew it was the one. She always loved crystals and with the Rose Quartz evoking love and sensuality, it was a perfect fit.

On the weekends, the couple likes to wake up and enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee in each other’s company, without TV nor music but with all the time in the world. They were doing just that on a Saturday morning when Garrett mentioned how excited he was to do this on their honeymoon. He described how much fun they were going to have together, tackling the world and exploring new places. And before Kate knew it, Garrett pulled out the ring and asked if she first would marry him. Without any hesitation, she said yes! It was very romantic and personal; it was very true to them.

Kate and Garrett are having a winter wedding in January 2018. They are at the early stages of planning and are considering the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madison to host their dear friends and family, enjoy delicious food and of course dance the night away to a live band.

They plan to explore the US for their honeymoon, heading first to historical New Orleans, then sunny California and finally to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They are embarking on an incredible journey from there on out, filled with love, sensuality and rock 'n' roll.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Kate and Garrett!